Reuben Archer | COMMISSIONS
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Minis_In_Frame I will take commissions of pure watercolour originals to required size.

Send me colour photos of your car taken from front side and rear/low angles and normal eye height. Plus the angle you wish it to appear in format.

I can also set the car into a setting of your choice if you also supply relevant photos of the location.  Or I can choose the setting for you.

I am happy to travel to photograph your car if you prefer but I will have to come to an agreement with you regarding the extra cost involved before any commission is agreed.

Watercolours come in many variations, many can be almost dull in application using quite lightweight washes. However in dealing with automobiles and machinery in general I prefer to capture the images  using the rich colours and luminosity which I believe these iconic images require and rightly deserve.

Please contact me to discuss a quote and arrangements for your commission.

Reuben Archer